Marriage contracts in different situations

Differences among the three types of contracts

Traditional Contract

Traditional Contract

Traditional Contract

Conditional dower

Deferred dower

Dower: Option to add gifts

Dower: Mention of joint purchase by spouses (trousseau)

Payment of the dower in several installments

Option to add a guarantor in case of default in paying the dower

The husband pays all the wife’s expenses

The husband pays a portion or none of the the wife’s expenses

Option to add a guarantor for payment of the wife’s expenses

The husband may add conditions

The wife may add conditions

Conditions common to both spouses may be added

Detailed division of spouses’ assets

Simplified division of spouses’ assets

Mediation (Sulh)

Divorce by mutual consent

Reflection period and compensation for the husband in case of divorce

Mut’ah (Divorce)


Addition of a detailed Misyar clause

Polygamy: division of nights among wives

Addition of a simplified Misyar clause

Addition of a detailed interfaith clause

Interfaith couples: cultural sharing

Addition of a simplified interfaith clause

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