About us

Alhamdulillah, we thank You, O Allah, for giving us the opportunity to create this Islamic digital project, which aims to proclaim Your glory and spread the light of Your truth.

This site was created thanks to a group of entrepreneurs working in the field of new technology, all guided by humility before Allah and deeply devoted to observing His laws. Their common commitment was an inexhaustible source of energy, leading them to bring together the best specialists needed to bring this necessary and ambitious project to fruition.

These entrepreneurs devoted considerable time to searching for the most experienced talent, convinced that only the most highly skilled people could bring to life a platform of this scale. They were guided in their quest by the desire to provide Muslims a trustworthy resource that is simple to use, where every detail of the marriage contract would be taken into account out of respect for Sharia principles.

With unwavering determination, this visionary group worked tirelessly to make this innovative idea a reality. They scrutinized the technological landscape, identifying the most qualified experts in the fields of Islamic law, software engineering and data security. These digital craftspeople, driven by a common passion for Islam, joined forces to bring Nikahcontract.com to life.

The close collaboration between these enthusiastic minds was the cornerstone of this platform. Each one, with his or her specific skills and expertise, made a contribution essential to achieving this ambitious project. Legal experts specializing in Sharia made sure that each and every clause and provision of the contract abides by the fundamental principles of Islam, while computer developers used their know-how to create an interface that is secure and simple to use.

Their determination was rewarded when Nikahcontract.com was launched, embodying their vision of a revolutionary digital tool in service of the Muslim community. Thanks to their fruitful collaboration, they were able to offer a simple and efficient way of customizing marriage contracts, thus making life easier for couples who wish to respect the teachings of Sharia.


The site benefits from a Sharia committee made up of highly qualified professors. Thus, you can be completely confident that it rigorously complies with the principles, standards and requirements of Sharia.

This collective project testifies to the Ummah’s ability to join forces to accomplish remarkable things. It embodies a spirit of innovation and devotion in which technological entrepreneurs embrace Islamic values while contributing to the progress and well-being of society. Their journey may be an inspiration for all those who aspire to join faith and technology, for the satisfaction and flourishing of the Muslim community.

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