What is a Muslim marriage contract ?

In Islam, sexual relations between a man and a woman are strictly forbidden outside of marriage.

In Islam, a marriage contract is the only way to avoid fornication (Zina).

  • An Islamic marriage contract is first oral (tali’q), when the offer and acceptance are exchanged during the wedding ceremony.
  • The written marriage contract is an extension of the oral contract, which records the rights and obligations of the bride and groom, as well as their wishes, and serves as proof of the marriage to protect their Islamic rights.

All Muslims, as is their right, should have the opportunity to create their own marriage contracts, according to their own choices and those of their spouse, in full compliance with Sharia law.

The marriage contract you create on nikahcontract.com is yours alone. It is unique.

You can choose from different types of marriage contracts to suit your situation, from the simplest to the most comprehensive.

It is entirely up to you to customize them to suit your needs.

Once you have paid for your purchase, you will immediately receive by email:

  1. Your customized marriage contract.
  2. Your marriage certificate, also customized, certifying your Islamic marriage.
  1. Select a marriage contract
  2. Answer a questionnaire and the contract will be created before your eyes as you go along.
  3. Once you’ve paid for your purchase, you’ll immediately receive your marriage contract and marriage certificate at the email addresses you’ve provided, in printable pdf format.


It’s that easy!


No, absolutely not.

Except for the mandatory parts of the questionnaire, which are limited to requirements under Sharia, you choose what to include in your contract by following the instructions.

You can check the content of your contract by following the instructions on the right-hand page.

Drawing up a marriage contract on our platform is usually quick.

However, the length of time it takes depends on the type of contract you choose and how you wish to customize it.

Yes, it’s possible to change your contract as you work on it.

All you   All you have to do is go back to the previous steps to change the content.

However, you cannot modify a contract you have already finalized and received. For reasons of inviolability, it cannot be modified.

You write your own contract, thanks to Nikahcontract.com’s innovative technology!

Since mathematics owes much to the contribution of Muslim scholars, it’s only natural that digital technology should help believers with their marriage contracts.

Prices depend on the length and features of the contract chosen.

Just click on the green “start” button at the top of the home page to be taken to the second page of the site, where you can see the various prices for wedding contracts.

Nikahcontract.com does not answer any questions about how you should draft your contract.

Nikahcontract.com does not act as a lawyer, imam or notary.

It is an online tool that enables Muslims to create their own marriage contracts in accordance with the commandments of Islam.


You can easily sign your contract using your computer mouse or smartphone screen. Simply sign in the boxes provided at the end of your contract.

All you have to do is press the green button at the bottom of the right-hand page, if you’re using a computer, or at the bottom of the written contract, below the questionnaire, if you’re using a smartphone.

You’ll see a range of decorative borders for your contract. Simply choose the template you prefer.

Once you have completed your contract and paid for your purchase, your documents will be emailed immediately to the addresses you have provided.

Yes, absolutely.

Each contract has been drawn up and overseen by Fiqh specialists in each legal school.

The Sharia Committee certifies the Islamic legality of the entire site and of the contracts for each Sunni legal school.

Nikahcontract.com has been designed to ensure that you do not make any mistakes or inaccuracies in your marriage contract.

Just follow the site’s instructions and there will be no mistakes.

The legal guides answer many questions that may arise when drawing up a marriage contract.

The answer to this question depends on the country in which you live.

We offer legal guides free of charge to answer this question as precisely as possible.

You can consult them in the section “Legal guides.”

  • What is the value of my Muslim marriage contract?          

A second, complementary guide is also worth consulting

  • Respecting the laws of the country you live in

If you have finalized your document and paid for it, you should have received it at the email address you provided.

However, in very rare cases, an email might not reach its destination.

We have double-checked the validity of your email address. At this stage, you are asked to enter your address twice to confirm that there are no errors.

You should check that your order did not end up in your notification or spam mailbox, and that your mailbox is not full.

If you made a mistake with your email address, we have no way of correcting it and you should consider your purchase lost.

The marriage contract you create on nikahcontract.com is unique.

You have customized it based on your own choices.

Nikahcontract.com does not offer any right of retraction, nor any return policy once it has provided its contract creation service and you have received the corresponding files.

By accepting the general terms and conditions of sale, you explicitly agree to this no-retraction clause.

The reason for this exclusion is due to the nature of the customized product, which cannot be resold to another person.

This exception is recognized by Switzerland and all e-commerce laws worldwide.

You can contact customer service at: infos@nikahcontract.com


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